The next show coming up is a very special one…we’re putting legal writer, educator, broadcaster and to many lawyers, a celebrity, CharonQC on trial!

This is going to be extraordinary. Many people know of him through the 100,000 tweets, the hundreds and possibly thousands of blogs, articles, sketches, wonderfully satirical work that monitors and comments on all aspects of the legal profession.
But barely any of his readers have ever met the man.

They soon will have several opportunities. He is going on tour in a beautiful red Jag (not quite a van) around the UK to meet and share discussion with some of the sharpest legal tools in the land to broadcast through his mobile platform. The Van Rouge Tour

On the 21st November, there will be the #TrialofCharonQC. It is taking place at the Lamb Tavern, Leadenhall Market.

There is a great line up of comics.

As Judge, we have a special treat of enlisting Norman Lovett, best known for his role in C4 Red Dwarf but better known for his long career as a brilliant and unique stand up.

Supporting him in the prosecution role is Benedict Farse, familiar to many twegals as the judge in the last show. He is not happy with the apparent demotion and has something to prove.
In defence, CharonQC has to rely on one of the most unpredictable comics on the scene. Previous escapades have seen Bob Slayer break his neck for his artistry. This is how committed he will be to the cause

Now what will CharonQC be charged with?

Any ideas? He is clearly a maverick. An anti-establishment hero, with a love for law. Certainly the continuous discussion about it. He has posited many challenging questions during his career, but who dare challenge his point of view. He has as much time for fledgling legals as all the top knobs he frequently shares conversation with. I have recorded his interviews with Keir Starmer and Sharmi Chakribarti amongst others and have witnessed the respect he is given by all across this very special profession.

Am I nervous of how this show will play out? Yes of course. This is as tough as it gets. Lawyers are a tough bunch. They are inherently analytical and hyper critical, with a broader experience of life and society than they are ever given credit for by mere citizens of this country. I believe there is a closer link between lawyers and comics than you might imagine. Each profession demands a careful assessment and comment on society, to make a particular argument or interpretation, to be understood by a specific audience. There might be different sought-for outcomes to each ‘performance’. But I don’t doubt that comedians want to be proved right as much as lawyers want to be considered entertaining.
So what can we expect on the 21st? Expect nothing nothing. There’ll be plenty of surprises.
This is scheduled to be a 30min show, to ensure there is enough networking time that the tweetup is meant to deliver. To be honest, it’ll probably be 45mins but I don’t think you’ll mind.

If anyone believes they might have something to say or part to play in this Trial, please don’t hide. It’s going to be fun. The more ideas, participation the better.

Most importantly, get a ticket. There is a 50 seat limit. Don’t miss out.

For an idea of how we did the last twegal show…

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